Who do you or your business call when you need creative solutions to the challenge of completing every task on your "To Do" list? Errands etc. of course!

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What is Errands, etc.?

Errands, etc. is a personal and business service company that is dedicated to helping make your personal and/or professional life easier. We can do just about anything that you have neither the time nor the inclination to do. Our specialty is saving you time and solving your problems. We can help you get more accomplished within a given time frame, helping to find more hours in the day and relieving you of a little daily stress.

How did Errands, etc. come into being?

In 1988, Patricia Vaughan was looking for a company to buy that would both fulfill and need to the community and her desire to work with people. After brainstorming with friends and associates she decided she could not possibly be the only person who did not have enough time to complete all the tasks necessary. About six months of research followed and Errands was born. For fifteen years now, Errands etc. has been making the lives of its clients a little easier.

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